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Buy Wild Animal Control Leads!

Do you need more business? We have a nationwide network of websites that collects leads from people who have problems with animals and need your service.

For example, a customer contacts a wild animal control/removal service company in the city of Seattle needing work done in a smaller town close to Seattle, such as Snohomish. But the company doesn't service Snohomish. The lead is put into our system and distributed to animal control / removal companies in Snohomish.

We handle everything, all you need to do is sign up for the service, let us know how many leads you want a day, add money to your account, and watch the leads fill up your email account and boom, you make money. We sell the live leads at a rate of around $12 per lead, depending on the qualification of the lead.

To get started, register, set up your account and enjoy the experience.

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WildLeads.com is the only lead generation service company who specializes in leads generation for the wild animal and pest control industry. Before signing up to be a buyer of our leads, you can get a sneak preview of the leads we currently have to sell by clicking on this link.

We specialize in selling leads in the wild animal control and pest control industry.

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Sell Your Wild Animal Removal Leads!

If you run a local business and a customer wants a quote for work in an area that you do not service, why not take that lead and sell it to another business of the same type in the area where the customer lives?

For example, say you provide animal control or removal in the city of Seattle, but don't want to service the leads for a smaller town close to Seattle, such as Snohomish. Just sign up for our service and we will contact the pest control / wildlife removal company in Snohomish to sell your leads for you.

We handle everything, you just have to place a form on your page for those outside your service area and boom, you make money. We pay a sales commission of 25% per lead per time we sell it; the more information you can collect the higher price we can charge.

To get started, click on the link below, and you will begin your money making experience.

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We specialize in buying leads in the wild animal control industry.

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  • We do all the work for you.


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